Restoration is the process of revival of an object to a former, original or unimpaired condition

Your old photographs hold history and memories: those old dusty photo albums that have been in your family for generations, that box full of old photos from a time before digital cameras hold your family history. However, many of these old images already suffer from age or physical damage.

Photo restoration is accomplished by using an assortment of image editing techniques to eliminate or lessen physical damage or the    effects of age of a photographic image. This may range from scratches, tear, missing parts, or a change in color due to old age.

Memory photography will take great care to repair discoloration, red-eye removal, or physical damage to your treasured images. The digital age has afforded greater ease in the repair of images. Not only age tinted black & white images but those with faded color can be rescued. We have repaired simple cracks to bends and missing parts.

Bring in your treasured photograph to talk over its restoration so you can proudly display it again.