Are you looking for a studio that cares about the history and mechanical details on your beloved auto or truck? Then Memory Photography is the place for you.

There is nothing like the feeling of bringing back a classic vehicle and making it a thing of beauty once again. When it comes to your car or truck, this is most true. Your car/truck is a work of art as so much work and investment has gone in to it and there is a lot to showcase about them.

Memory Photography understands that you have most likely built the car or truck from the ground up and have documented it at every stage with your own photos. But there is nothing like having a professional photo of your finished vehicle done in an artful way.

Car Art is about taking your vintage or special interest auto or truck, photographing it with a pleasing background, and taking it beyond into a work of art. Sometimes if the background is less than perfect, another background can be brought in as a cover up to the ‘bad’ one.

Variations to the original image are done in a number of ways including multi-image presentations.

Finished prints can be printed on either watercolor art paper or canvas. Additionally, images can be printed on other materials such as: metallic paper, metal (curved or flat), or vinyl banners.

There are other photo image products available in addition to framed prints. They include: calendars, business cards, holiday greeting cards, ceramic coffee mugs, thermal mugs, key chains, Christmas ornaments, mouse pads, phone covers, and accordion mini albums.


Sessions take place at a pre-determined location that will give some prominence to your car, truck, or motorhome. These sessions are on average about an hour and a half and can be conducted at one or two locations that would be near to each other.