What is it ‘about’ that sets one studio apart from another?

Many times it’s called ‘passion’, or ‘drive’, or a certification of some form or another.

But what is one photographer’s ‘passion’?

Let me explain my ‘passion’. It started over 40 years ago with the coming of our first born child. I wanted to create photographs of him as he grew up, which I found lacking during my childhood. I wanted photos better than the twin lens reflex 620 roll film camera that my mother had used for many years. I wanted a camera that could provide good images with the ease of creation such as seen in the news stand weekly magazines.

So it was that within 6 months I acquired my first 35mm camera. It was a Nikon EM. The race was on, so to say, to begin the photographing of anything the child did. Along with the practice of making images came the research reading to learn more technique, processes, and settings.

Whatever holiday, play time, or family gathering, the camera was and still is always at the ready. I wanted to photographically record his history of growth and activity. The same held true when our second child came along 4 years later. Both were involved in their own particular sport and photographing their activity was important.

This can explain my ‘passion’ to record a moment in history for the future. This therefore is my drive to create your images for now and for the future. Or restore your older images to preserve your history.

I am member of:  the Fox Valley chapter of Wisconsin Professional Photographers and the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association.  The studio has been identified as the official photographer for radio station WVBO’s classic car calendar from 2009-2019 editions.

Thank you for checking us out and to learn more about Memory Photography in Ripon.